Pitch for Blu-Tack® Advert

‘Clean and Safe’

When the Blu-Tack fellow falls behind my desk, horrors await him...

This version of the ad for the Blu-Tack competition includes the live action start and ending, omitted from the actual submission as the midnight deadline struck. This is the standard definition 1024 x 768 pixels version, a better Hi-Def 1920 x 1080p version is being cut. Film by Jed, creatures made by Beth, set in the world of Imps...

Music: all music is by Nick Harper and used with his permission © Nick Harper/Sangraal Records

Last Guitar by Nick Harper   Main underworld piece is Story of my Heart from the CD The Last Guitar

Miracles for Beginners by Nick Harper  At the beginning is a fragment of Blue Sky Thinking from the CD Miracles for Beginners

Live action: HDV 1440 x 1080 pixels featuring Hershey, cat of calamity.

Animation: 2816 x 1880 pixels with a Lensbaby 3G selective focus lens

Dragon Stopmotion using a trial version of Dragon Stopmotion as used for Coraline 3D

edited and scaled in Final Cut Pro on a Macbook Pro.

Everything is first take, shot and edited in two days, including assembling and lighting the sets (some of the scenery and the train have taken months to create, between work shifts and having builders in).

I'd love to reshoot this properly in stereo 3D...

> Storyboards

> pTerror demons test photos

© 2009-2010

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